Celler Cercavins was born in 2003 in Verdú, in the region of L'Urgell, within the DO Costers del Segre,
in the sub-area of ​​the Corb River Valley. The origin of our wines goes back to vineyards of centuries-old tradition
They provide us with exceptional quality grapes that, associated with the knowledge
of the wine grower transmitted from generation to generation, have made the vine to adapt to the area's land.
Celler Cercavins
Celler Cercavins Bodega


The current surface of the vineyard that has the cellar is 60 hectares, from where the grapes with which our wines are made.

Currently, we produce 200,000 bottles of white, pink and black wines, young and aged, spare parts in French, American and Hungarian oak barrels, always new, first, second and third year barrels.

All under the supervision of our winemaker Enric Gil.
With our wines we become aware that from the
Tradition, time brings us to inspiration, tasting, love for life
and the pleasure of being able to create.