Celler Cercavins Location

The cellar is located in the DO Costers del Segre, in the sub-area of the Corb Valley, with a centuries-old tradition in the cultivation of vineyards.

The interior character, away from the sea, has meant that for centuries the area was far from the commercial routes, resulting in wines with characteristic and characteristic features.

Innovations in the grape varieties and in the methods of production. It was the first place in Catalonia where varieties of cabernet sauvignon, merlot and chardonnay were introduced, along with autochthonous varieties, and californian vinification techniques were adopted.

Verdú is located in the southeast of the region of Urgell; there is a road that starts from the C-14 regional road (Tarragona-Andorra axis) and reaches Montornès. The village is surrounded by a network of ancient roads that connect Verdú with neighboring villages.

The origin of these roads comes from facilitating the access of people, carriages and cattle to the old Fair of Cattle of Verdú. The margin walls that delimit them served to channel the passage of the cattle; today they order hills and small seabeds where almond and olive trees, cereals and vineyards are grown.
Wineyard territory