Cercavins Col·leccio
Carrying out a project for a wine brand is always an attractive challenge which
allows you to have some higher creative licenses to other categories of products.
And in this case the challenge was double, creating one Variety of
premium wine with a very suggestive name: Cercavins Col·lecció.

First of all, we thought the "collection" concept was powerful and one
thing that we could capitalize on this new wine. And to capitalize on
it, we think in an iconic graphic element that was related to collecting
as with the vines: a butterfly. The butterfly gave us a lot of visual level playing
on the bottle but also in its box. Finally, and for being a high end wine,
the pack's materials should be up to date, and we have carefully
monitors selecting papers and print systems to align the
image to the Premium positioning that was sought.
Like love, a wine that will make you feel butterflies.

Cercavins Col·leccio