>> Varieties

Syrah, Tempranillo and Merlot. 14% vol.

>> Vinification

The grapes are skewed and crushed before passing to maceration-fermentation tanks, pre-fermentation maceration with cold for 48 hours at 12ºC. The subsequent fermentation is carried out at a temperature of 26 to 29ºC for 30-45 days. The maceration of the pastes is extended throughout the period of fermentation, through oxidative recovery operations 3-4 times a day and several delastings

Later the deposits are discovered and the resulting paste pressed by means of pneumatic press. Once they have made several trasbalsos, the wines pass into oak barrels.

>> Aging

The aging is done in oak barrels of French, American and Hungarian origin.

Aging time for 17 months

Intense cherry red cherry red color, bright rivet and velvet-iodized and powerful tinted, dense and stuck tear.

Elegant aromatic palette marked by the presence of ripe black fruits (black and white plum jam), and roasted and smoked derivatives (burned charcoal, nuts), smoked, spices (nutmeg, nail), chamomile leaf Dried and fungus (truffle) and humid forest.

It maintains the varietal, terrous-mineral (plaster, ink) and retro slightly balsamic-spicy taste (black pepper, cilantro) and citrus peppers.