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Gewuerztraminer. 12% vol.

>> Vinification

The grapes are crushed and processed, which will pass to fermentation tanks once statically wrapped. The fermentation of each variety is done separately at a temperature between 14-15ºC for about 15 days. Once the alcoholic fermentation is completed, the wines are removed, the blend is made and subsequently cold stabilized.

Subsequently a second fermentation in the bottle is carried out for about 45 years and a subsequent aging with its mothers for a minimum of 12 months and until the time of the degeneration, in which the lies after the rinse process are eliminated and is used to dose the liquor of expedition and cover-morrion.

This sparkle has a pale straw yellow color, lemonade, greenish reflections, fine bubble rosary with slow, constant and persistent detachment and wide crown.

The aromas are frank, with fruit and vegetable soup of the base wine (rose flower, peach, litx, green apple, dry straw), fine notes of aging on yeast, where they appear notes of bread and toasted nuts.

Silky, silky, carbonated intake melts in the mouth, with medium acidity, notes of citrus fruit (grapefruit, lime), floral and earthy earthy tones, ending in long palate and greasy.